It begins with page turning strategy services:

Uncovering brand plots that connect with customers

Building communication plans to tell stories in the right places, at the right times

Supporting your team to tell your brand stories



Research the consumer, brand and market

Facilitate workshops/brainstorms

Craft storytelling content themes & ideas

communicaitons .png


Map the consumer experience to identify engagement points

Research media consumption

Design storytelling strategies

Build measurement frameworks



Work with partners to develop ideas, content and media plans

Coach/support internal teams to execute and optimize storytelling campaigns

Define requirements & roles, and support team building


They say write what you know.

Data helps you know your audience, create a great story, and tell it in the right places and at the right times. 


Great stories connect and inspire consumers. And with that, deliver growth.

In a world that runs 24/7 content is King. Brand stories have to be endless, and come to life in many places.

 A great story attracts new customers and increases loyalty. They engage with people and prompt them to continue reading!

Below are some brands I’ve created and told stories for, directly with companies or with agency partners Noise Digital & CKSK



Challenge: Semperviva, Vancouver’s leading chain of yoga studios, needed social media to work harder for the business.

Solution: Defined social objectives, facilitated idea generation, content strategy, community management toolkit, and supported execution for 3 months.

Challenge: Kinder Bueno needed a story to give its brand meaning in the Canadian market.

Solution: In partnership with Noise Digital, I uncovered a compelling brand story, strategized a multifaceted communication campaign including; on-pack, on-site, digital advertising, social channels and influencer program. The campaign exceeded its KPIs by 11%.

9coors light.png

Challenge: The Coors Light Rocky Mountain gaming app needed new stories in its 2nd year.

Solution: Led a team to devise new levels, awards, prizes in game, and to execute a 360 degree communication campaign. Resulted in 150,000 app downloads and over 3 million gameplays.



As the daughter of an artist & business woman, I have an innate appreciation of mixing art and science.

I learnt about crafting and sharing brand stories in a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Marketing, and an MSc Masters in Marketing Practice, and went on to practice storytelling in Europe & North America.

I’ve worked with many great agencies, that told brand stories through: digital, social, advertising, shopper, PR, events, and using data. 

After 15 years, I decided to take a leap and start my own storytelling business, and now I'm looking for brands to let me tell their stories.



I’m lucky to work with some amazing storytellers from a creative, data and digital point of view. You’re never too old to hear a new story and this collective can help tell your brand’s story! 


Gloria Latham, Owner Semperviva Yoga studios, Vancouver

"Annabelle is a dialled-in digital strategist who really understands social. She redirected our social work to deliver on business objectives, and gave us an execution plan and trained the team to manage it. We've seen social have a real impact on business since."


dr. christy sutherland, Medical Director PHS Community Services Society

“My team loved the collaborative workshop that Annabelle ran. It helped unite the many different team members and made everyone feel part of the process in creating our new name & brand. I never could have imagined we would get to such a good place with our name and logo.  I'm happy every time I use my letterhead because I think it looks so good!”

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